Online Retailer New Zealand 2019

Thursday 7th November 2019



Grand Millennium Auckland


Welcome from Event Director

Matt Smith, Event Director, Online Retailer Conference & Expo


Opening Keynote

Speaker to be announced very soon.


Investing in New Zealand's digital future: Discover how TheMarket is connecting NZ customers with local, global and niche brands through its inspirational online shopping experience

This year, ecommerce platform TheMarket officially made its debut in New Zealand. TheMarket launched with 1,500+ brands and 1m+ products offering NZ customers more choice through a new ecommerce marketplace. This has changed the way consumers interact with local, international and niche brands. Join this session to find out how TheMarket creates an inspirational online shopping experience:

  • Digital future: Insights from TheMarket to see which areas they invest in their business to improve their digital reach
  • Improving the customer experience by using data to drive personalisation
  • How to create a brand-driven ecommerce experience by focusing on content and effectively integrating social so that latest trends and insights are incorporated

Speaker: Justus Wilde, CEO, TheMarket


Talking retail tech with Adore Beauty: Their journey towards headless commerce

Adore Beauty recently launch in NZ this year in March. Over the last 6 months since their launch in the NZ market, Adore Beauty have been paving the way towards headless journey. From site improvement to site conversion, their strategic aim was to improve their site speed.

Only at Online Retailer, get an exclusive insight from Adore Beauty’s CTO on how they managed to reduce their site speed down to 2.4 secs in less than half a year and their next journey towards headless carts. You’ll also hear insights into:

  • What Headless commerce is and how it is different to monolithic platforms
  • How Adore Beauty tackled the challenge of speed and performance across a one-year period
  • What Adore Beauty’s headless tech stack looks like and why they chose the pieces they did
  • How headless has allowed Adore Beauty to bring together content and commerce

Speaker: Gareth Williams, CTO, Adore Beauty 


Morning Tea, Networking and Exhibitor Showcase


PANEL: Optimising your ecommerce store for success

Kiwis spent $4.2 billion online last year, and this figure is only getting bigger. Most bricks and mortar stores have been forced to create a better online presence. Join this panel of retailers as they discuss how to keep pace with the dynamic and ever-evolving ecommerce and social media platforms.


Fabienne Costa, Founder & Creative Director, YCL Jewels
Jay Goodey, Executive Director, Onceit
Terry Metcalfe, Ecommerce Manager, Air New Zealand


Part I: Influencer world – Find out how Bambi Boutique garnered 350,000 authentic followers on social media in 3 months

  • The Dos & Don’ts: Understanding how to effectively work with influencers
  • Creating killer content for social platforms
  • Using digital and social media marketing

Speaker: Iyia Liu, Founder – Bambi Boutique, LUXE Fitness & Girls in Business Organisation 


Part II: Influencer world – Q&A with an influencer: Your questions answered by an influencer

Join this session as Iyia Liu takes you through an insightful Q&A session with a top influencer. This is your chance to find out how you can get to know and understand how to approach an influencer.

Chair: Iyia Liu, Founder – Bambi Boutique, LUXE Fitness & Girls in Business Organisation
Speaker: Influencer to be announced


Innovative customer loyalty programs

The Consumer: Understanding new trends in way consumers are interacting with brands

Speaker to be announced very soon.


Lunch, Networking and Exhibitor Showcase

Social Media, marketing and advertising

Omni-channel retailing strategies to improve the customer experience


Solution provider thought-leadership session

Speaker to be announced very soon.

Solution provider thought-leadership session

Speaker to be announced very soon.


Using online video to drive brand lift: Storytelling in the age of new retail, social, and mobile

Join Penfolds and 90 Seconds to discover how they integrated online digital video content within the online retail space to remain competitive and relevant within the digital space.

  • The need to design content that inspires advocacy and the underlying principles that drive this
  • Why and how to create content that works in the environment it’s consumed (mobile and social)
  • Where and how to weave storytelling into the retail journey in order to build your brand and drive conversion

Thomas Grainger, Premium Brand Manager, 90 Seconds

Innovation in a pint: Spotlight session with The Beer Spot

Word-of-mouth is king when it comes to discovering brands in New Zealand. In this session, Jason (Founder, The Beer Spot) shares with you insights on how The Beer Spot create innovative store-based experiences that continue to drive customers back to their store.

Speaker: Jason Payn, Founder, The Beer Spot


The Consumer

Understanding new trends in the way consumers are interacting with brands

Case study: How I Am Eva profiled the female journey to deliver excellent customer-led experiences

Speaker: Michele Wilson, Founder, I Am Eva


Data-driven marketing

Learning how to develop strategies built on insights to form predictions about your future customer needs and behaviour

Adopting innovative loyalty and subscription programs to inspire customer loyalty

Speaker: Lani Evans, Co-Founder & Cheese Dealer, Cheese Cartel


Afternoon Tea, Networking & Exhibitor Showcase


Interactive roundtables sessions: From discovery to delivery – understanding and adopting the best strategies, tools and technology to best facilitate your customer's journey

In these interactive, closed-door roundtables sessions, you’re given an opportunity to ask experts the best solutions and strategies that can be used to address different touchpoints of your customers’ journey. The sessions will focus on four key areas to help you identify the best management strategies for improving customer engagement and service:

  • Discovery: How can retailers create greater awareness of their brand? What tools can retailers explore to expand their reach?
  • Choice: How can retailers better use tech to help their customers find products or services that align with their customers’ needs? What are some key factors that need to be taken into consideration?
  • Purchase: How can brands create a seamless checkout experience for their customers? What customer insights can be taken from ‘wish lists’ and ‘abandoned carts’?
  • Delivery: How to improve efficiencies and cut costs in your warehouse and distribution centres? Exploring automated and AI delivery tool options to plan warehouse logistics? How can retailers reduce the volume of returns?


Air New Zealand: Creating enhanced digital customer experiences through strategic eCommerce Optimisaton Strategies

Speaker: Terry Metcalfe, eCommerce Manager, Air New Zealand 


Q&A with award-winning Forme Spa & Wellbeing: Applying in-store experience practices to drive customer loyalty

Awarded best in category for overall Supreme Large Retailer and Customer Experience, Forme Spa & Wellbeing’s Managing Director, Hady Wenham, shares with you behind-the-scenes insights into their award-winning customer experience strategies.

Join this Q&A session to learn:

  • Customer loyalty: How to deliver personalised content to your customers to drive ongoing loyalty and delivery great experiences
  • Staff empowerment: Adopting best practice on empowering your staff so they become genuine ambassadors who believe in your brand
  • Power of Branding: Leveraging the power of your brand to align with how customers experience and receive value

Speaker: Hady Wenham, Managing Director, Forme Spa & Wellbeing
Q&A Moderator: Lisa Powell, Head of Retail Practice, Amblique


Closing Remarks

Speaker: Matt Smith, Event Director, Online Retailer Conference & Expo


Networking Drinks