Conference Agenda: Day Two


Thursday 25th July 2019

8.00am - 9.00am

Registration Opens

9.00am – 9.05am

Welcome to Day Two

Plenary on Expo Floor

9.05am – 9.35am

International keynote: What retail can learn from Walmart

An exclusive talk with Walmart’s Head of Innovation Community, Fareena Contractor, as she defines what ‘innovation’ means at Walmart. Fareena will also share with Walmart’s model on how they build and drive a culture of innovation.

Speaker: Fareena Contractor, Head of Walmart Innovation Community, Walmart (Canada)

9.35am – 10.05am

Redefining the Retail Experience

Technology has changed the world around us, including how we work, play, and shop. This disruption has created many challenges for retailers and brands, one brand that has risen to address the changing wants of shoppers is Jurlique, an Australian skincare brand.

Hear from James Johnson, Director Industry Strategy – Retail & Consumer Goods at  Salesforce, and Fiona Moylan, Global Director of Digital, Data and Ecommerce, at Jurlique.  Jurlique has undergone a three year digital transformation to implement their geographic expansion and market activities in Australia, United States, Asia and Europe. They have significantly overhauled their digital platforms, customer data approach and their customer focused strategy.  Jurlique have changed their cultural focus from ecommerce management to product innovation and are delivering on their double-digit growth target for ecommere.

James Johnson, Director Industry Strategy – Retail & Consumer Goods, Salesforce
Fiona Moylan, Global Director, Digital & Ecommerce, Jurlique International

10.05am – 10.40am

Learning how to effectively hack social media with Shhh Silk, Adore Beauty and Esther & Co

10.40am– 11.10am

Morning Tea & Networking

11.10am – 11.40am

Talking retail tech with Adore Beauty: Their journey towards headless commerce

Over the last 6 months, Adore Beauty have been paving the way towards headless commerce. From site improvement to site conversion, their strategic aim was to improve their site speed. Only at Online Retailer, get an exclusive insight into how they managed to reduce their site speed down to 2.4 secs in less than half a year, and their next journey towards headless carts.  You’ll also hear insights into:

  • What Headless commerce is and how it is different to monolithic platforms
  • How Adore Beauty tackled the challenge of speed and performance through 1 year
  • What Adore Beauty’s headless tech stack looks like and why they chose the pieces they did
  • How headless has allowed Adore Beauty to bring together content and commerce

Speaker: Gareth Williams, CTO, Adore Beauty

11.40am – 12.20pm

PANEL | Disruptive technologies: From discovery to delivery - leveraging tech to best facilitate the customer journey

Join our panel of experts as they take you through the digital touch points of your customers’ journey so you can identify the best omni-channel management strategies and technologies to best facilitate the customer journey from discovery to delivery.

  • Discovery: Understanding how to create awareness around your brand
  • Choice: Using tech to enable customers to find products or services that align with their needs
  • Purchase: How to create a seamless checkout experience
  • Delivery: Creating more delivery options through Australia Post


Gareth Williams, CTO, Adore Beauty
Brett Raven, CIO, Big Red Group
Rachel Kelly, Head of Sales ANZ, Afterpay
Executive Manager, Australia Post

12:20pm - 1.00pm

Magento Keynote - Brand Utility: The Purpose of Purpose

Customer experience is more important than price and product in a globalised, digital marketplace. Being clear about your company’s purpose will drive your brand’s utility and create happy customers, increasing their lifetime value. Research has shown that a 5% increase in customer satisfaction increases profits by up to 95%. With people increasingly trusting word-of-mouth advocacy, understanding how to connect with real people on a one-to-one level and personalising your product offering has never been more critical to business success. Interactions must be frictionless, seamless and personalised in a truly transformative customer journey.

Learn how to:

  • Clearly articulate what your brand purpose is
  • Deeply understand what customers want to buy and why
  • Create a compelling customer journey
  • Understanding how to reach real people on a 1-to-1 level
  • Enable them to discover a brand through advocacy

Speaker: Nicholas Kontopoulos, Magento Regional Head of Marketing, APAC & EMEA

1.00pm – 2.00pm

Lunch in the Exhibition Hall

Level 3, Room 3.9

Data Driven Marketing (Sponsored by Emarsys)

Level 3, Room 3.4

Advanced Product Marketing (Sponsored by Intelligent Reach)

Level 3, Room 3.3

Global Research and Insights (Sponsored by ChannelAdvisor)

Level 3, Room 3.1 & 3.2

Emerging Technologies (Sponsored by Omnicom Media)

2.00pm – 2.35pm

Rocket Fuel for $100m growth - How Adore Beauty keeps breaking growth barriers with a data driven brand

· Big growth, small things – 3 critical things for our growth
· Using a compass to steer – juggling LTV & Channel growth management
· Fire up!- making data explosive & intentional

Frictionless Commerce - Bridging online and offline with optimised data to reach consumers wherever they are

Andrew Thomas, together with Tora Brophy, Retail Market Lead at Google discuss the importance of frictionless commerce.

Learn how to ensure your products are everywhere your customers are looking while maintaining a seamless buying journey.  Plus, the strategies that are vital to growing your customer reach and brand loyalty.


Tora Brophy, Retail Market Lead at Google
Andrew Thomas, Chief Technology Officer at Intelligent Reach


What International Consumer Trends are Telling Australian Retailers

Learn how to drive more sales by adapting to changing consumer behaviour and learning from international markets. Future-proof your business and stay ahead of the competition with actionable insights from ChannelAdvisor’s e-commerce expert.

Adam Saunders, Account Executive, ChannelAdvisor

Emerging Technologies

Lifting the veil of CMO martech decisioning and the corresponding ROI, Resolution examine the key trends in the marketing technology space. Creating next generation CX using DXPs, DMPs, DCO and custom audiences, we showcase an example from one of Australia’s insurance providers and the extraordinary results achieved.


Klaus Germann, Director – Strategy & Development, Resolution Media Australia

Kate Gamble, General Manager, Resolution Media Australia


2.40pm – 3.15pm

PANEL | Supercharging loyalty: Success strategies using emotional-driven insights, purpose and data

Jeremy Meltzer, Founder & Director, i=Change

Olivia Carr, Founder, SHHH SILK

Amanda Coleman, Ecommerce Manager, Clarins

Gemma Holt, Founder & Director, Arlo & Co

Customer-led marketing: How she wear created a product based on the consumer

In 2012, she wear’s founder searched far and wide for work boots specifically made to fit a woman’s foot and was astounded at the lack of choice. So she decided to do something about it! 

She wear’s ethos is to design and launch products around customer’s feedback an needs and also believes their company core values are a vital key to their success.

Speaker: Stacey Head, Founder and Managing Director, she wear

Global focus: Practical tips to expanding your brand to the USA

If you are looking to take your brand to the USA, then join Phoebe Yu as she takes you through practical strategies and “how to” when it comes to expanding your brand to the USA such how to raise money in the USA and the visa process for organisations.

Speaker: Phoebe Yu, CEO & Founder, Ettitude

Case study: Moët Hennessy – Storytelling in the age of new retail, social, and mobile: Using online video to drive brand lift

Join Moët Hennessy’s Head of Digital to discover how they integrated online digital video content within the e-retail space to remain competitive and relevant within the digital space.

  • The need to design content that inspires advocacy and the underlying principles that drive this
  • Why and how to create content that works in the environment it’s consumed (mobile and social)
  • Where and how to weave storytelling into the retail journey in order to build your brand and drive conversion


Gavin Merriman, Head of Digital, Moët Hennessy
Thomas Grainer, Premium Brand Manager, 90 seconds

3.15pm – 3:55

Afternoon Tea Break

3.55pm – 4.30pm

The Secret to Developing Loyal Relationships in the Digital World

Using artificial intelligence to evolve your NPS How to execute a successful NPS program – 4 strategies that you can start today 6 key takeaways and final thoughts.

Speaker: Alita Harvey-Rodriguez, Managing Director, MI Academy

Practical strategies around influencer marketing: planning, understanding and measuring KPIs

• Influencer marketing – understanding what it is, putting in place KPIs, and identifying where to start
• Which channels should I use? – YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc
• What other brands are doing

Speaker: Taryn Williams, CEO & Founder,

PANEL | Sustainable retail: The true return in investing in sustainability

  • Understanding the current state of ‘fast fashion’ and waste in retail
  • How to adopt tried & tested best practice sustainable sourcing and packaging
  • Implementing new business models and promoting a circular economy
  • Understanding what happens if we don’t invest in sustainability: What is the true cost and impact of not investing in sustainability?

Carl Miller, Board Member, Co-Founder, Global Retail Insights Network

Anna Julia Forster, e-Commerce, Operations and Sustainability Advisor
Cam Greenwood, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Zorali
Jaana Quaintance-James, Head of Sustainability & Ethical Sourcing, The Iconic
Jeremy Meltzer, Founder & Director, i=Change
David Hardwick, Head of Product, King Living

CASE STUDY | How The Iconic used customer liberation to drive their tech innovation

Join The Iconic’s CMO, Alex Meyer, as he takes you behind the scenes of how The Iconic built their business and strategy around customer liberation, and how this created an inspiring customer experience.

Exclusive to Online Retailer hear the tech innovation behind their “follow the brand” curated feed, “find your fit” smart guide, and “snap to shop” innovations.

Speaker: Manuel Silva, Director of Technology and Customer Products

4.30pm – 5.00pm

CASE STUDY | How Modibodi profiled the female journey to deliver customer led experiences

Speaker: Kristy Chong, CEO, Modibodi

Creating communities out of customers


Jen Geale, GM & Co-founder, Mountain Bikes Direct

Case study: G&M Cosmetics - Australia’s #1 most trusted brand in China

  • Online Shopping Festivals – how to maximise potential sales
  • Keeping pace with dynamic and ever-evolving E-Commerce and social media platforms
  • Gaining the knowledge to succeed in different markets

Speaker: Zvonko Jordanov, Founder, G&M Cosmetics

CASE STUDY | How the Big Red Group use AI to power digital advertising & personalise consumer experiences

Join the Big Red Group’s Head of Technology as he shows us how the BRG used AI to fully autonomise digital advertising spend across multiple brands, resulting in double-digit growth. The commercial results then used to fund transformation projects which now use AI to personalise interactions with consumers for additional commercial success.

Speaker: Mitchell Klaassen, Head of Technology, Big Red Group

6.30pm – 11.30pm

Australia Post Online Retail Industry Awards (ORIAS)

Grand Ballroom, ICC Sydney