• 24-25 July 2019
  • ICC Sydney
24-25 July 2019 ICC Sydney

Conference Agenda: Day One


Wednesday 24th July 2019

8.00am - 9.00am

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9.00am – 9.10am

Welcome to Day One

Keynote Theatre on Expo Floor

Presenter: Matt Smith, Event Director, Online Retailer Conference & Expo

9.10am – 9.40am

2019 and beyond – What will change the game for eCommerce?

Keynote Theatre on Expo Floor

In 2018 online purchases grew by more than 13% to $27.5B and now make up 10% of total retail spend.* This growth was driven by a consumer thirst for online sales events, the continued rise of Buy Now Pay Later use, and Marketplace and mobile shopping.

But what’s next?

During this session facilitated by Australia Post’s Executive General Manager of Business and Government, Gary Starr – three of Australia’s most influential thought leaders in eCommerce will go head-to-head as they present their views on the next ‘game changer’ within the online retail industry. Will the technology evolution reveal a surprising new way to shop or will the rise of the conscious consumer give way to more sustainable and ethical practices?

Don’t miss this interactive session, where you as the audience cast your vote to ultimately decide, ‘What will change the game for eCommerce”?

*Inside Australian Online Shopping: 2019 eCommerce Industry Report, Australia Post, 2019.


Chair: Gary Starr, Executive General Manager of Business and Government, Australia Post

9.40am – 10.20am

International keynote: How To Bullsh*t Your Way To Number 1

Keynote Theatre on Expo Floor

Cutting through the bullsh*t of social influence manipulation: Consumer behaviour, fake news and the human psyche

Find out how the “Donald Trump of TripAdvisor” (as dubbed by The Washington Post) turned a non-existent restaurant, The Shed, into the No. 1 rated dining establishment in London through social manipulation. In an era increasingly influenced by a climate of online misinformation, Oobah’s stunt showed how easily consumers are fooled. However, Oobah is not just a prankster, he is a social engineer. In this session, find out the method he uses to push the limits of implausibility to manipulate online platforms to create unthinkable results:

  • Psychology of consumers: Understanding your target market and their limits
  • Social influence: Identifying the factors that influence their behaviour
  • Social engineering: Creating a brand that reinforces assumptions and uses imagery to obtain a desired action from your target market
  • Identifying the differences between influence, manipulation and deception

Speaker: Oobah Butler (aka Georgio Peviani), World’s #1 Fake Restaurateur, film-maker, VICE journalist and bullsh*t artist

10.20am – 10.50am

Morning Tea on the Expo Floor

10.50am – 11.20am

Experience is the new product: The 10 paths companies take to grow

Acquiring new customers is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one, and they have the ability to find and leave a brand quickly.

So how do you make sure that the experience they have when they decide to give you money is one they will remember? Join growth and innovation evangelist Tiffani Bova as she examines the sequence of growth paths and how this can be used to craft an exceptional customer experience.

Speaker: Tiffani Bova, Author, Growth IQ

11.20am - 12.00pm

PANEL | The Woke Consumer

There is over 8 million tonnes of plastic waste drifting off our Australian coastline and nearly 81% of Australian consumers are pointing the finger firmly at brands. 9 out of 10 Gen Z consumers also believe that brands have a responsibility to address environmental and social issues. In the US, Gen Z consumers alone represent $350 billion spending power and they will account for 40% of global consumers by 2020. The conscious (or ‘woke’) consumers’ concerns over environmental and social issues is not restricted to Gen Z; two-thirds of consumers worldwide say they would switch, avoid, or boycott brands based on their stance on controversial issues. So how does a brand stay ‘woke’ and truly mean it?

  • Identifying the influence woke consumers have on brands
  • Effectively communicating with their values and learning how to develop products and services that align
  • Radical transparency: Going beyond rhetoric and truly meeting the needs of the woke consumer
  • Real data and case studies behind why consumers care and what this means for your brand

Anna Julia Forster, e-Commerce Operations & Sustainability Advisor

Clare Press, Sustainability Editor-at-Large, Vogue Australia
Jaana Quaintance-James, Head of Sustainability & Ethical Sourcing, The Iconic
Gordon Renouf, Co-Founder & CEO, Good on You
Lucy King, Sustainability Manager, Country Road & David Jones
Matthew Traynor, Brand Manager, Outland Denim

12.00pm – 1.00pm

Lunch in the Exhibition Hall

Track 1: Level 3, Room 3.1 & 3.2

Conversational Commerce (Sponsored by First)

Track 2: Level 3, Room 3.9

The Last Mile (Sponsored by Asendia)

Track 3: Level 3, Room 3.3

New Retail: Customer Experiences (Sponsored by AKQA)

Track 4: Level 3, Room 3.4

Omni-Channel Retailing (Sponsored by eStar)

1.00pm – 1.35pm

Session reserved for First

Level 3, Room 3.1 & 3.2

Session reserved for Asendia

Level 3, Room 3.9

Session reserved for AKQA

Level 3, Room 3.3

Session reserved for eStar

Level 3, Room 3.4

1.40pm – 2.15pm

Is Augmented Reality the future of Conversational Commerce?

Insights behind how Yoox Net-a-Porter, H&M and ASOS.com are leveraging AR to create a personalised shopping experience. With global tech giants including Microsoft and Apple betting big on Augmented Reality as the next computing platform, how can we shift our current communication methods into this future medium?

Speaker: Janosch Amstutz, CEO, HoloMe

CASE STUDY | Adore Beauty’s #WarOnWaste – How Adore Beauty managed to save 235kgs of cardboard in a week

Over a year ago, Adore Beauty identified they had wastage from their smallest box. So they embarked on a new WMS journey to best allocate an order to a specific box size.

Join Sarah as she gives you insights into their sustainable packaging practices and their war on waste.

Speaker: Sarah Mullen, General Manager, Adore Beauty

CASE STUDY | How Zanui kept CX at the heart of their strategy

Speaker: Yosuke Hall, MD, Zanui

How CX changed the launching experience

2.20pm – 2.55pm

Ask and you shall receive: How to find your voice and sell more stuff

Voice marketing is the future. It allows you to create a deeper connection with your customers and create a seamless purchasing process that is as easy as…speaking. In a world where people want bonding and not branding strategies like this are now more important than ever and so in this talk we look at how you can quickly and easily integrate voice into your business strategy. It isn’t as hard as you think.

Speaker: Damian Madden, General Manager – Digital, The Woolmark Company

Automating delivery operations

  • Rising customer demands impact on redefining last mile delivery
  • Using automated tools to plan warehouse logistics
  • AI delivery tool options


The rise of the sharing economy and its impact on new retail experience

  • The only way to consume; sustainably and ethically
  • How the sharing economy is creating a new way of transacting
  • Considering consumer preferences to drive sales

Speaker: Kirsten Kore, Co-Founder, Designerex

Learn how to increase customer lifetime engagement through personalised experience

Join The North Face’s Director of Customer Lifecycle and Analytics as he gives you insights on how to deliver relevant and personalised content to customers.

Speaker: Ian Dewar, Director of Customer Lifecycle and Analytics, The North Face


Afternoon Tea Break


PANEL | How to keep CX at the heart of your strategy


Jo Harris, Co-Founder, Hunting for George

Ian Dewar, Director of Customer Lifecycle and Analytics, The North Face

Kristy Chong, CEO, Modibodi

Dion Appel, Chief Revenue Officer, Openpay

Beatrice Ellefsen, Head of Customer Success, dotdigital


Locknote reserved for Marketplacer

4.55pm – 5.00pm

Wrap up of Day One